Dr Naresh kumar Goyal cardiologist IS High LDL Cholesterol Causes Heart Problems ?

IS High LDL Cholesterol Causes Heart Problems ?

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As per Best cardiologist specialist in Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bagh, LDL cholesterol is frequently referred to as “bad” cholesterol because it builds up in the walls of your blood vessels, increasing your risk of health problems such as a heart attack. Or stroke.

But cholesterol isn’t entirely harmful. Your body requires it to protect its nerves and to produce healthy cells and hormones.

Some of your cholesterol comes from the foods you eat, and your liver produces more. Because it will not dissolve in blood, proteins will transport it to its destination.


Cardiologist Doctor in fortis hospital North Delhi, says that the most of your body’s cholesterol is LDL. The rest is high-density lipoprotein (HDL),also known as “good” cholesterol. HDL transports LDL to your liver, where it is eliminated from your body. High HDL levels may help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Diagnosis of High LDL Cholesterol

A blood test can determine the levels of LDL, HDL, and total from your diet. Triglyceride levels that are too high can increase your risk of heart disease.

LDL Less than 100 milligrammes per deciliter (mg/dL) is B cholesterol. Triglycerides are another type of fat that stores extra energyest .

Optimal range: 100-129 mg/dL

Near or above optimal : 130-159 mg/dL

Borderline high:160-189 mg/dL

Very high : 190 mg/dL and above:

If you have a condition such as heart disease or diabetes, your doctor may recommend an LDL target of 70 mg/dL or lower.

High LDL Cholesterol Risks

High LDL cholesterol levels can increase your risk of problems such as:

Coronary artery disease

Peripheral artery disease

Heart disease, including angina and heart attacks


How to Reduce High LDL Cholesterol

According to Best Heart Specialist in North Delhi, you should see your cholesterol levels and overall risk of a heart problem. Your strategy could include the following components:

  • A healthy diet. Avoid foods high in saturated fat, cholesterol, or simple carbs such as sugar and white flour. Consume more fiber and plant sterols, such as margarine or nuts.
  • Regular physical activity. The kind that gets your heart pumping is the best.
  • Weight loss. Even losing 5 to 10 pounds can improve your cholesterol levels.
  • Quitting smoking. If you’re having trouble quitting smoking, your doctor can help you find the best programmer for you.

You should see your doctor right away, according to the best heart doctor in Fortis Shalimar bagh,  these are the most common symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

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