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Pacemaker treatment in Delhi NCR

Pacemaker Implantation Surgeons in Delhi NCR | Dr Naresh Kumar Goyal

The Normal, Healthy Heart Has Its Own Pacemaker That Regulates The Rate At Which The Heart Beats. In any case, Some Hearts Don't Beat Regularly. Also A Pacemaker Device Can Correct The Problem. A Pacemaker Is A Small Device That Sends Electrical Impulses To The Heart Muscle To Maintain A Suitable Heart Rate And Rhythm. It Is Implanted Just Under The Skin Of The Chest During Minor Surgery.

The Pacemaker Has Two Parts: The Leads And A Pulse Generator. The Pulse Generator Houses The Battery And A Tiny Computer, And Resides Just Under The Skin Of The Chest. The Leads Are Wires That Are Threaded Through The Veins Into The Heart And Implanted Into The Heart Muscle. They Send Impulses From The Pulse Generator To The Heart Muscle, As Well As Sense The Heart's Electrical Activity. Every Impulse Causes The Heart To Contract. The Pacemaker May Have One To Three Leads, Depending On The Type Of Pacemaker Needed To Treat Your Heart Problem.

Not at all like most pacemakers that are put in the patient's chest with drives rushing to the heart, Leadless pacemaker is embedded straightforwardly into the patient's heart.

  • Leadless pacemaker is set in the heart through a vein in the leg, that outcomes from ordinary pacemakers.
  • Leadless pacemaker is totally independent inside the heart. It kills potential unexpected problems emerging from a chest cut and from wires running from a customary pacemaker into the heart.
  • Leadless pacemaker is 93% more modest than traditional pacemakers, about the size of an enormous nutrient container.